So, What Are Triggers?

Triggers are how our apps are fired to show content, this content could be a web page, app page or any other content such as VR show. A design doesn’t have to be limited to a single trigger e.g. there may be a barcode for production tracking, a watermarked image for security and another watermarked image for customer interaction etc. (with different apps used to identify each trigger)

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Smartflow™ Specific Triggers

Program Based

These are triggers that occur as a result of a state change of a product held in the Smartflow system. This state change may be the result of a scan by one of the other triggers or something like a completion of an order by the customer (as in the Kids-Ink web site). Usually these triggers kick off pre-programmed set of actions, e.g. create the artwork for a print run etc

Usages: To carry out pre-defined action on a product .

Visibility: Not usually associated directly with the pack, so not visible.


  • Allows for automation of the production runs


  • Take time to setup, deploy and test.

Costs: Depends on complexity of action and the time taken to develop the actions required.