What is SLink)))™?

SLink)))™ is an app that enables you to add value to your packaging by creating an interactive customer experience.

SLink)))™ can be integrated with your brand, so that it effortlessly fits in to your marketing activity, enabling you to link digital content, encouraging consumers to spend more time engaging with your brand. Our technology can connect to live campaigns, social media, AR, Videos and much more.

How Does SLink)))™ Work?

The SLink)))™ app works by identifying different triggers, these triggers could be: an Image Marker, Watermark / Glyph, QR code or a Barcode, which then can link it to any content or campaign of your choice. There are a selection of triggers depending on your needs and packaging requirements.

Image Recognition

Works by searching for images that look like pre-defined a object to trigger a link…Learn More

Hidden Watermarks & Glyphs

This is when you hide scannable triggers within an image that are invisible to the naked eye…Learn More

QR Codes

Are visible codes that can contain a wide range of data e.g. link to a URL or hold a unique key…
Learn More


Simple 2D barcodes are available in a number of different formats / standards…
Learn More

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